Upgrading UK Politics

British politics needs an upgrade. Westminster can learn from better democratic practice at Holyrood and around the world.

Proportional Representation. The single biggest reform needed to make British politics fairer is proportional representation. The current First Past the Post voting system distorts the link between votes and seats at Westminster. Make Votes Matter is working hard to bring about PR at Westminster. Upgrade Holyrood joined the Make Votes Matter Alliance for Proportional Representation in October 2021.

A democratic upper chamber. The House of Lords has no democratic legitimacy and even in 2021 has 92 hereditary members. The Electoral Reform Society is leading the campaign to replace the House of Lords with a democratic alternative. The APPG for Electoral Reform is also championing both PR (led by Make Votes Matter) and House of Lords reform (led by the Electoral Reform Society)

A written codified constitution. Unlock Democracy is leading the fight to deliver a written codified constitution for the United Kingdom.

CREDIT: Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay