Report: Ending Dual Mandates

The full Upgrade Holyrood report on ending dual mandates was published on 30 April 2021 and can be accessed below.

Here’s a quick recap of the topic below. More details can be read here.

What are dual mandates?

Dual mandates occur when an individual holds elected office for two positions. In the Scottish context, this can be any combination of MP, MSP, Councillor or Peer.

Upgrade Holyrood position in brief:

Dual mandates are ultimately unfair on constituents, who deserve full-time representatives. Dual mandates should be banned to ensure fair and efficient representation.

The paper covers the following:
1. Introduction
2. Comparative politics: dual mandates around the world
3. Dual mandates in the rest of the United Kingdom
4. Dual mandates in Scotland
5. Arguments for and against dual mandates in Scotland
6. Ways to restrict dual mandates in Scotland
7. Conclusion

Top image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay