Upgrade Holyrood

What is Upgrade Holyrood?

Upgrade Holyrood is a political blog and resource dedicated to improving Scotland’s representative politics and delivering relevant political analysis and commentary. The blog offers research and insight into Scottish politics while also advocating significant improvements to our representative democracy.

Guided by the principle that our politics can and must be better, Upgrade Holyrood supports:

  • Accountable representation: a return to four-year parliamentary terms
  • Fair representation: an end to dual mandates in Scottish politics and restrictions on second jobs for politicians
  • Inclusive representation: a permanent hybrid parliament
  • Local representation: more powers for local communities across Scotland
  • Proportional representation a fairer voting system to elect MSPs

This site provides analysis, opinion and research on solutions to improve our democracy as well as the space to provide discussion on change. Additional commentary on Scottish politics more generally will be covered.