Upgrading Scotland’s democracy

Holyrood has far more democratic legitimacy than Westminster as demonstrated by Holyrood’s use of Proportional Representation to elect the legislative and a vote within the legislative to elect the executive. The institution is also much more recognisable to the 21st century with the Scottish Parliament using electronic voting in the chamber, sharply contrasting with the physical queues and votes at Westminster.

That said, improvements can always be made and Scottish democracy is no exception. That’s where Upgrade Holyrood comes in.

Guided by the principle that our politics can and must be better, Upgrade Holyrood supports:

  • Accountable representation: a return to four-year parliamentary terms
  • Fair representation: an end to dual mandates in Scottish politics and restrictions on second jobs for politicians
  • Inclusive representation: a permanent hybrid parliament
  • Local representation: more powers for local communities across Scotland
  • Proportional representation a fairer voting system to elect MSPs

Upgrade Holyrood exists to promote democratic best practice within Scotland.