A permanent hybrid parliament

Upgrade Holyrood supports a permanent hybrid parliament with provisions for in-person and virtual parliamentary participation to ensure more inclusive representation.

The pandemic’s impact on the workings of parliament

The pandemic has changed how parliament functions. Both at Holyrood and Westminster, processes have evolved to ensure remote participation in debates and even remote voting. Digital is the new normal and that is no exception in our democracy. Once the pandemic is over, measures to ensure remote participation and voting must continue to ensure the best representation for constituents.

A more inclusive parliament

Long distances from Edinburgh mean more time spent travelling and less time representing constituents either in the chamber or face to face in constituency offices. Parliament should adapt to allow the continuance of remote chamber and Committee business and voting if deemed appropriate.

A recent report from the Centenary Action Group has called for this at Westminster to ensure a more inclusive, compassionate parliament. Holyrood should take this into consideration when examining how it should work after the Covid-19 pandemic.

More details to follow.